September 8, 2008


We came home from up north today and since we are going to go back up next weekend we decided to leave the camper up there. Mostly influenced by the 8 miles per gallon that I was getting! Anyways, we had taken the kids' flat screen out of their tv room to put in the camper and I felt that they could live without it until next weekend, so we didn't bring it home with us. WELL! P usually falls asleep on her Dora couch watching Scooby Doo and as soon as she hopped into the tv room this evening and noticed that there was no tv she started complaining and complaining and complaining. Whine and moan and almost cry, type of complaining. To the point that I took my laptop downstairs and put the dvd into it so she could watch on there and we could get some peace and quiet and she could fall asleep. What a kid. I can only imagine what she was thinking and wishing she could say to us, lol.


  1. AWWWW poor little "P"! That is abuse!!!!

    What a riot, you might not want to know what she was saying, hahaha! I know there a plenty of times I don't think I'd want to know what Joshua was saying to me. Over the tv a few times too. He gets very upset when Caylee is watching too much of Hannah Montana or Suite Life too, or Kevin watching the olympics all day for two weeks just about gave him a breakdown. I'd have to go in and bed dad to let him watch wiggles. Abuse!

    Sorry about your water, but sure glad it's not your washer, since hopefully it will be an easier fix.

    How was the first weekend out in the camper? I know the gas mileage is killer! We just sold ours about a month ago. We need a bigger one now too.

    Hope you get your laundry out soon! :-)

  2. You know, she's probably swearing. He he he, right. Anyway, it's a good thing we all have all the backup electronic equipment that functions similarly, right? Ahh, technology.

    Glad to hear that the water troubles are over..still, a couple of hundred dollar to fix it still stinks.