September 30, 2008

She's leaving on Sunday

It's going to be a hard day on Sunday but it will be nice to just have it over. It's been SO stressful trying to make this work. All while pretty much begging the state of Texas to provide some medical insurance and medical records for her. How do I know the extent of her issues if I don't have medical records to tell me what she's been seen for and how everything checked out.
I've definitely learned a lot in this process and it's sad that the world has come to a place where I don't feel like I can trust anyone to do their jobs anymore. When a question is asked it should be answered, WITH THE RIGHT ANSWER! No, "I think"s. These are people's lives they are screwing with and they THINK they know what they are doing.
Anyways, it will be nice to have this over and move on. I could use a lot less stress and caring for her is physically exhausting. You have to hold her down no matter what you are doing with her and she's tall and strong.
The current plan is to start doing foster care again and if we find a foster child along the way that we want to adopt, we will. We are going to be doing some emergency foster care for babies so that will be fun for us all.
Thanks again for everyone's support :o)


  1. Jen,
    My heart is breaking for all of you. I am so sorry that it turned out this way, I know how excited you were to get Ashley. I was so excited for Ashley as well that she had found her forever family. I can't believe that Texas did not have this all worked out before with all the insurance and such, and that they did not disclose all the proper information. What a horrible position they have put you, your family and Ashley in. Sending big (((HUGS))) to all of you and praying that Ashley will find her forever family so that she gets the love and attention that she needs and deserves. Will you still follow Ashley and learn if she becomes adopted?

  2. Thanks so much for your kind words :o) We do hope to keep somewhat informed on how she is doing and if she gets adopted. I know that Yvonne and Joshua will be visiting her and I will be updated by them I'm sure. I really hope she does find a wonderful family that will love her like we do and also have the time to meet her needs and provide the one on one support she needs.
    Thanks again!