September 11, 2008

Staying home

We were going to go back up north this weekend but they weren't able to get the trusses in time so we are going to wait until next weekend. That's fine with me because I have so much crap to do, lol. I got behind when A2 came home and then with school and being gone for 4 days last weekend, I'm even more behind.
I need to get my garden picked again, pick the poison ivy and some sand burrs out of the side yard, get the laundry finished, clean the house, and - the most dreaded of all - drag out the Winter clothes.
Switching out the clothes has got to be one of my all time most hated things to do. Drag out bucket after bucket and try to figure out who fits into what and who needs some new stuff. Plus then I get all screwed up because I have 4 kids that are pretty much the same size, except that one is tall and average, one is tall and slim, one is tall and extremely slim, and the other is tall and chunky. And with the boys I have just enough difference between them that I can't just move W's stuff down to J each year, it has to wait a year before it fits. Jeans are the worst because they all look the same and I'm constantly having to look at the tags to see which of the 4 they belong to. It's almost tempting to just give them all away and start over each year, but that's not going to happen, lol.


  1. I understand about having to put stuff away for a few years between kids; that's frustrating. But the funny thing is, because some of K's clothes are F's old clothes, I end up mixing them up when they come out of the laundry because I remember them being F's! So then K cocks her hip, puts her hand on it and says "Dat Kicksie's, Mama!". Too funny. Panties are a big issue because they wear nearly the same size and it's not as easy as which kid owns the My Little Pony panties, either. Because some of the panties used to be F's and she's remembering that they were hers...are they still hers? Mom never knows--thank god they print that stuff inside on the back now instead of having tags--my kids rip tags out so fast!
    I actually love pulling out the clothing, but then I only have 2 to do it for. 5 probably would make me cruise to the beer-case. :-)
    We miss you!

  2. Charity Briggs9/13/08, 8:49 AM

    It is a bummer that you guys couldn't come back this weekend. McKenzie keeps asking where the kids are. Well see you guys next weekend. Have a good weekend and get up on all your work so you can relax next weekend :o)