September 14, 2008

Where did the weekend go?

It's over and I didn't get half of the stuff I wanted to done. I got the buns made, laundry done, house mostly cleaned, and a little bit of organizing done. I also brought the boys to Walmart and got them some new shoes, slippers for W, and a bunch of other stuff. They got to raid their piggy banks and spend some cash so that was a treat for them.
Of course none of the outside stuff got done because of the constant rain! I need to get the garden picked, poison ivy picked, and yard mowed. Hubby will probably do the mowing but I won't let him do the other 2. Poison ivy is a woman's job in this house! lol. If I let him do it we'd all have it, jk :o) I love him but he is a man after all :o) Now watch, just for saying that I'll probably scratch my face with my glove on and get it where everyone can see it, roflol. - not really.
'A' got to have a sleepover at Gramma and Grampa's house so she thought that was awesome. 'W' was having some major behavioral problems so he had to stay home. I can't put that behavior off on someone else. If he's having a bad day then he can have it here. He lied to me like 5 times on Friday and I'm not sure what was up with him. It's almost like he was testing his creativity. He'd lye to me about something and then when I'd say "no you didn't" he'd just start crying or give me a blank stare and lie some more. The last time was in the evening when I was trying to get him to finish up his school work that he couldn't concentrate on earlier in the day. I told him we would move onto the next subject and he asked if he got to play the computer games again because the previous day he'd been learning how to type with a computer game. I told him not today and he says "well, when I used to live with Daddy _____ and Mommy _____, Daddy _____ let me play his video games. He had Spiderman and Ninja Turtles and". I just said, "no he didn't, why are you lying to me again?" Like I said, creative. He was removed from his birth parents' house when he was 2 1/2. 'J' is 2 1/2 right now and he doesn't play video games or know anything about them, and what grown man plays Spiderman and Ninja Turtles games?????
Anyways, he needs to quit lying and I know it's a common thing with kids his age but I still don't like it. I never know when he's telling the truth. And HE gets upset because nobody ever believes him when he IS telling the truth. It's just something that I'm SO not used to because 'A' has never been a liar. There are always toys around the house that come up broken and it's funny because 'W' ALWAYS "finds" them and then tells me who he "thinks" broke it because "it wasn't me". He didn't see who did it but he didn't do it and he "THINKS" so and so did it. And since I have 2 non-verbal kids and another that is speech delayed, how and the hell am I supposed to figure it out. So, you can see why lying is so not welcome here. Especially when it comes to P and A2 because if one of them starts crying in pain and I ask what happened or where they were injured to the kid who was playing with them, I certainly would like a quick "the ball hit her in the nose", instead of a "um, um, um, I don't know, um, um, um" for 5 minutes while I have a frantically crying child and I have no idea where their injury is or if it's severe enough to need a trip to the ER. P and A2 can't tell me or show me and they have such weird pain tolerances that they could really be hurt and if nobody tells me what happened I'd have no idea. That's why honesty and cooperation are so important around here when it comes to things like that. Those 2 generally aren't out of our sight but P likes to hop down the hallway and play with the other kids. They are all great with each other and accidents happen once and a while and someone gets hurt but they HAVE to tell me what happened - and quick.
Anways, this kind of went on and on, lol. Sorry for boring you. Goodnight :o)

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  1. Hi there,

    Sorry to hear that part of your weekend was a big bummer. That's too bad, because weekends are the only thing I hold absolutely sacred--DO NOT MESS THIS WEEKEND STUFF UP!! is kind of a cardinal rule in our house, even if it's unspoken.

    Getting back the the lying issue-- I had never even considered the ramifications of W lying with regards to P and A2! How potentially scary! While I think that most kids go through a 'lying phase' at one point or another in their lives you may be dealing with some "extra lying capacity" with W, because of his birth folk's choices whilst a fetus. Sadly, that's something I'm not sure you have much control over, but I think that the rules of consistency and not giving him the option to lie is still a good plan of action.

    Good luck, my dear!