October 16, 2008


I'm still here. Sorry I don't blog as much lately but it's been crazy busy. After Ashley left I had lots of housework to get caught up on. Plus with homeschooling it's been a slow adjustment to having to do things more in the second half of the day instead of the first half. Still working on getting that down to a smoother system, lol.
I've also been doing a lot of research lately to help me decide whether or not to take P out of school and home school her also. She goes T & TH for 2.5 hours to get PT, OT, and SLP. I have to drive her because I don't trust the bus with her in her wheelchair. Her PT, OT, and Speech used to be more intense and now they are all starting to slow off and it's getting to the point where the line in the sand between what they are able to do with her versus what we can do with her here is getting smaller and smaller. They used to work with her on lots of equipment for PT, and toys and stuff with OT. Speech used to be by herself and more intense and now it's shared with another child and it's at a really slow pace.
When she's here at home she gets lots of PT in the morning just pulling to stand and cruising around the dining room table trying to steal her brother and sister's books, lol. I'll put her in her chair and tape paper to the table for her to color with her special crayon, or work with her on a toy or something. After lunch the older 2 kids go out to play and my little guy takes a nap. It's one on one time for she and I to work on whatever. She also gets lots of attention from the kids and social interaction. Plus we have toys here that she likes, not the "age appropriate" ones the school makes her use.
Anyways, I don't like to be wishy washy so when I make the decision I need to stick with it so I need to do my homework and get a plan before I make any big changes. I've also emailed my kids' teacher at Connections Academy to see if there is anything they can do for her if she were a student through them. It would be great if I could enroll her there and they would send me a box of things to use with her. We'll see.

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