October 13, 2008

It's so cool...

to see where everyone comes from that visits my blog! I have people from all over the world. I hit 2000 on my site meter yesterday! It would be cool to know where everyone found me. Please feel free to comment and ask any questions that you want and I'll do my best to answer them.
Someone asked the other day about what cyber school we used. It's Connections Academy and there's a link on the left side in my links section. If you have any other questions about it I'd be glad to answer them. I'm a pretty open person and don't have any problem sharing with friends :o)

Today was a great day. I spent some time yesterday making a master schedule for each day of the week. Now I just have to try and follow it, lol. It's nice to have things scheduled because it allows for a much more peaceful house. We do this until this time and then move on to that. Of course there are little things here and there, like Dr. apts, that throw it off but overall it works good. I have also set a number of hours for school and if we get done with the days assigned work we move onto the next day. I have a feeling we'll be starting next year early at the rate they are going. They are both so smart and just fly through it.

I have also had the older 2 kids start doing some simple chores. It's funny because at this age they can't get enough of it, lol. "what else do I GET to do Mommy?"LOL. I had told "A" about the new schedule and that there was chore time, so she kept asking me all day when it was going to be chore time, lol.


  1. I met you when you walked into the library conference room--heh heh heh, just had to be a stinker there....although I've noticed that my thing always says that I'm from Mora, what the heck? We are a good 6 miles OUTSIDE of Mora! hee hee hee, that's funny business there.

    Take care!

  2. Those were the days..when my children loved chores. I had a hard time coming up with enough things they could do. :) Now things are very different! Mine are 6 (going on 10), 10, 12, 14 & days from 16. NOONE likes chores anymore. UGH! They still have to do them it's just not as pleasant.