October 23, 2008

Meetings, meetings, meetings...

Today I had the meeting for "J" to get set up with ECSE (Early Childhood Special Education). He'll be starting in January when he turns 3. He has some major communication and behavioral issues. He does not converse with anyone at all in real words. He uses lots of mumbo jumbo words with a real word here and there. He also gets quite aggressive and upset during transition and when he can't do something that he wants to. He rarely follows any direction at all and seems to have no idea what you are talking about.
We'll see how it goes. He'll be going 2 mornings per week to start until they see how he does and what else his needs are.


  1. Good luck. I hope that they are able to get him on the right track, well... even more than you already have just by being his mommy. :-)

    Hugs you.

  2. That is the truth Sarah, I am sure that Jen has already given him a better start than he ever could have had elsewhere!

    Good luck with all the meetings!