October 23, 2008

She finally did it...

She fell off the couch :o( She has no depth perception so she'll go to hop right off the couch just like the floor is right there next to her. I had went to her room to open up her bed because she was getting tired and then I heard a boom and I ran back and she had her hands and chest on the floor and her body was up the couch with her legs squished up like a frog :o( Poor girlie cried for about an hour. She doesn't seem to have any injuries, but by the way she ended up I'm thinking that her butt probably about hit the back of her head :o(
We can hope that she learned something but I doubt it. She seems to have a short memory of things that injure her. It's so hard because she loves to be on the couches and it takes her all of 5 seconds to get up there. She weighs 45 lbs and I can only lift her off of it so many times per day before it about breaks my back.
We'll see if she's sore tomorrow. Of course she can't tell me but she'll let me know, lol. Maybe a little Advil with breakfast - Tylenol does nothing for her.


  1. Oh no, poor girl! Hopefully she won't have any long term soreness from falling. Needs some BIG fluffy bean bags or something in front of the couch to cushion the fall. :o)

  2. Josh does the same thing, I wish I could tell you he's learned from it, but he hasn't. He will do the same thing, just dive bomb off like the floor is right there. We usually keeps lots of pillows on the floor in front of couch when he is in that room during the day. That helps him to not cry from it at least.