October 9, 2008

One month under our belts

Well, our first month of cyber homeschooling is done and we LOVE it so far. I'm so glad that we went the route we did because it's all scheduled for us and we just have to pull out the books and follow our schedule each day. Some days it's really short and easy and other days it takes longer but I know we are learning right along with the regular pace and we are right on track. We can work ahead when things are easy and if we finish before the end of the year we can either be done or start the next grade.
Now that they have finished the first month they can sign up for electives. I signed them both up for Sign Language since that's P's language and it will always be valuable for them to know. Plus they love it anyways, like it's some secret code, lol. W is also going to take chess. It's a 0 credit class but that's fine because if he hates it or can't get it, it won't affect his grade. "A" is going to take a Home Ec. type of class. That should be fun and create lots of one on one time for us, doing the things she loves to do with me, and if W wants to join in he can.
Tomorrow it's Aqua Therapy, Special Ed Playgroup, and then home to eat lunch and get school done, so I better get to bed :o)
Goodnight :o)


  1. Sounds like you got a good fit. What cyber program are you using?

  2. We use Connections Academy. There is a link to it in the "links" section on the left side of my blog.
    Also, if you look back in August, I have blog entries about it and pics of the supplies that one of my kids got. It's a great program that I highly recommend.
    Thanks for your question!