October 9, 2008

A new toy...

I was going to ask for a PDA for Christmas because I'm sick of toting my date book around with me and having it out all the time. Well, I was at "A"s dance last night and one Mom had a PDA cell phone. She was telling me how she got a good deal on it through her cell company. Since PDA's can get pretty expensive, AND I needed a new cell phone anyways, I decided to have Hubby pick me up a PDA cell phone today :o) It's a PINK Centro and has the touch screen and normal keyboard that I love. I mostly love that I can put reminders on it for my appointments since I have the memory or a gnat, lol. So far I've gotten it pretty well figure out. It has lots of bells and whistles that I don't need but that's ok. I think it cost only $79 after rebates :o)

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