October 7, 2008

Christmas is coming...

Or so I was reminded for the first time via my tv tonight. I saw my first Christmas commercial and it was for the Radio City Music Hall's annual show. Before you know it we'll be buried in snow and Christmas will be upon us :o) I love how beautiful it is outside when everything is covered in snow. Every year I swear that I'm going to get my shopping done before Thanksgiving because I absolutely HATE crowds of people. You never run into more rude people than while Christmas shopping! Last year I did a lot of it on Amazon.com. I just happened to be browsing their site on Dec. 12th and they had a huge sale so I jumped on it. Nothing like getting a good deal AND having it delivered to your front door - for free! :o)
Anyways, I did a little browsing tonight to see what I could find but I have absolutely no idea what to get for any of them. They change their minds every time they change their clothes, lol. Speaking of clothes. I finally finished getting all the kids' winter clothes out and summer clothes put away tonight. It's such a chore but I found a great place to store them upstairs so I don't have to store them in the storage room that's already full. This will also make it SO much easier in the spring when I have to reverse the process. The older kids just went through growth spurts this spring so I'm hoping that they won't grow much and be able to wear the same summer stuff next year. P and A are pretty much the same size. P is rounder and A is taller so they can pretty much wear all the same clothes. The boys are a couple years apart on clothes so I have to store them for 2 years before J gets them. That's a pain. I also can't manage to get rid of much because we never know what size kids we'll be getting in foster care or adopting and I'd hate to have to buy them all over again. Foster kids get a clothing allowance when they come but if we adopt them we'll be on our own after that. I think it'd be cool to be able to adopt a baby if we get one. We'll see, we just got our foster care license transferred to our county this week so we haven't gotten a placement yet. The kids are hoping for a baby though because they all just LOVE babies :o) and so do Daddy and I :o)
Better get to bed - goodnight :o)

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  1. I hate switching the clothing around. I did it a week ago and it stank on ice; their bins are in their closet, on an otherwise empty shelf. My situation is different-- I just can't keep loads of clothing around forever, it drives me nuts. :-) I think I have 1 bin with stuff for Fuchsia and 1 for Trixie and that's it--the stuff that they both outgrow ends up at Elizabeth's house...LOL, she was just telling me that she's overloaded with clothes too.
    Hope to see you today! No car trouble yet, knock on wood!