October 30, 2008

UDecide 2008

Check out UDecide to see where the candidates stand and where they have voted. It has clear info with the links to the sources to back it up.
Here is another blog that led me to this info, thanks to a reader :o)


  1. Hi Jen!
    I've finally made it to your blog. I was just checking this link out Udecide...seems very biased the way the flyers were written. It states all of the negative facts about McCain and then boasts about all of the supposed good things Obama has done (or will claim to do). I must have missed the unbiased literature. Doesn't surprise me much...the media is so liberal it hurts. Lori

  2. Lori,
    I also noticed that. It does give the links to where the facts came from though so I assume that they are correct but they are like you say. For me, being an Obama supporter, I was only interested in what he is planning on doing and has done in his current position, so it served the purpose I was looking for and helped solidify my vote.
    Thanks for your comment :o)

  3. Hi Jen!
    That Udecide link is SO bogus! It's totally biased...the media is so liberal...unbelievable!!

    On a positive note - hope you all had a very happy halloween!


  4. What has Senator Obama done in his current position to advance the issues you most care about?

  5. Hey Lori,
    I think the biggest thing for me is an end to the war. 12 billion dollars per month ($144,000,000,000 per year) is an unreal amount of money to be spending on a war that was based on inaccurate info. We are going to end up being the poorest nation in the world at the rate we are going.
    Another thing is Palen. I can never imagine in all my life how she could be President. She's not quick on her feet and turns everything into a joke. I have listened and listened to hear what she has to say and it's always just one liners about Barack or someone else.
    There are lots of other reasons too but those are two of my main ones.
    Thanks for asking :o)