November 1, 2008

Busy, busy, day...

Since our adoption of Ashley didn't work out, we had an extra bunkbed set in the girls' room. We need more beds downstairs for when we get more foster kids. We could get a call any day so we need to get ready for them so we don't have to scramble at the last minute. So, we decided that we'd put the other set of bunkbeds in the boys' room but unstack them so they'd each have a twin bed. Right now W had a full sized bed and J was in his crib. He's been able to climb out of it since he was 17 months old and now can climb back in it so I worry that he'll catch his foot and break it on the way over. Then I realized that if we had all of these beds everywhere that P would be climbing onto them and falling off. W's full sized bed with the boxspring and mattress was too tall for her to get her leg up and climb on but the bunk beds are shorter. So, I decided that maybe leaving them stacked would be better. Then I could put a rail on the front and have the ladder blocking one open end and the other open end wouldn't be big enough for P to get on - or so I think :o) We'll see. I also have another ladder to worry about them climbing too. We'll see how it goes and if it doesn't work out we'll have to change something.
Here's a pic of the boys just lovin' their new beds :o)
We'll just keep the crib in their room for now in case their little brother comes someday or we get a little foster boy. We can also move it over to the girls' room if we get a little girl.
One thing I just LOVE is that the kids have french doors on their bedrooms. So we were able to slide this entire bunkbed from one room to the other without taking anything apart!

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