November 1, 2008


The kids had a blast! We went to Gramma Joyce and Grampa Iver's house and then went around their neighborhood. After that we went to Coborns and let them pick out a bunch of natural and organic candy and some organic root beer. Then we went to the fire department Halloween party and they got to jump in the giant bounce house and see lots of other kids. We finally got home and they each had some candy and then they went downstairs with Daddy to watch a movie before going to bed at 10:30! That's late for them since their normal bedtime is 7:30.
Here's some pics. P is a Plum Fairie, J is a Ninja Turtle, A is a Sapphire Princess, and W is a Deluxe Knight. They are so cute!I don't know what's with the girls' heads, lol.

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