November 9, 2008

Christmas Shopping

This afternoon I headed to Walmart and did almost all of my Christmas shopping for my kids. All I have left is to have hubby stop at Fleet Farm and get a tricycle that I can adapt for P, in pink of course, and then order something sensoryish for her too. Every year I have high hopes to get it all done before Thanksgiving because I absolutely HATE shopping after that. People are so rude, the parking is unbelievable, and it's so darn cold. I know that it's only a matter of time before hubby has to pick me up at the jail because I backhanded the next person who smarts off to me because I called them on cutting in line, lol. I just have no patience for rude, disrespectful people so it's best if I just avoid it alltogether. I usually buy most of my stuff online but this year I'm taking a different approach. Instead of tons of little toys that will end up all over my floor, I'm buying the older 2 kids one big toy each and then a few little toys. They'll be thrilled that their frugal Mom actually sprang for the big stuff, and I don't have to agonize over what toys in the store they don't already have, lol. I can get them online but I just hate to order expensive or heavy things and then have a problem and have to pay big bucks to ship them back. And, as selfish as this might sound, the big gifts are coming from us and NOT Santa this year! I'm sick of that old man getting all the credit, lol. My daughter is such a little smarty, I can just hear her now. "well it's a good thing that Santa got these for us because I KNOW you wouldn't, ya big chicken, lol". She calls everyone a chicken when she's joking. She used to say "ya big pig" but I told her that wasn't so nice to say, lol. She was a little confused because she didn't mean it to sound mean at all so she didn't realize that it was because she'd never heard it said to someone in a bad way.
Anyways, anyone want to come over and wrap presents :o) As J would say, PaWEEEEEESE :o)

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