November 9, 2008

got petroleum ... in your food?

You sure do. Many people ask me about the kids' all natural diet and how it has helped us, and tons of other people. Artificial colorings, flavorings, BHA, BHT, and TBHQ are made from petroleum. They have all been linked to symptoms such as ADHD, autism, sensory disorders, bed wetting, tics, asthma, and several other neuroconnector issues. I often think of it as if you were doing a science experiment with your beeker and test tubes and dumped it into your family's dinner. It's basically the same things - chemicals that are not necessary.
Here is a blog that I just found with info and recipes that might help some of you that are interested, or have started a similar diet. I have also found, from other parents on the diet, that it can help with seizures too. All I can say is it's worth a try. You can see huge results in just a couple of weeks for most kids. Be sure to click on "success stories" in the right column to read about how it's helped other people's families.
We still have some issues with our 2 year old, but considering the things the boys went through while they were in their birth Mom, it could be lots of things. They were very "chemically altered" by her drinking, drugs, and horrible care of herself. I'm surprised they do as well as they do.

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