November 29, 2008

I'm sooooooo excited...

I just got back from Tractor Supply with the new trike that I got P for Christmas. We have been looking for a bike for her for almost a year. The special needs ones are SO expensive, and the other ones aren't safe enough for her. This one is perfect because it's for ages 6+, so it's big enough, it has the bucket seat so I can put a seat belt on it, and it actually is a pretty smooth ride. I had "A" come with me and try one out in the store to see how easy it was. I was worried that the 2 wheels in the front would make it hard to steer. It goes like a breeze. I have to make the seat belt and some shoe holders to keep her feet on the pedals and it will be ready to go. After she gets it on Christmas we are going to bring it to school and she can ride it in the hallways for PT until Spring comes and then we'll bring it home. The second picture shows how the seat can move back as she gets bigger. They also have an adult model.
Ooh, and once again, the other kids are jealous, lol. Not only does she have a fort for a bed, she now has a "go-cart" for a bike, lol.

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