November 20, 2008

Put the Christmas tree up...

I put the tree up tonight and then tomorrow the kids are going to help me decorate it :o) For safety and sanity reasons, the tree is in our bedroom. But since our bedroom is at the end of the hallway, you can look down the hallway and see it glowing bright. I also do lots of lights around the windows and decorations all over up high in the living/dining/kitchen areas. So we don't lack for decor or Christmas excitement. The kids also have little trees that go in their rooms that Gramma got them, and they listen to the Christmas music station on the radio when they go to bed. If the tree was in the living room it wouldn't make it one minute before P had it tipped over. It would be her constant mission. And I don't think J would be too far behind her :o) Plus P doesn't have depth perception so I worry that she'd poke an eye out on the branches. I'll try to post pics tomorrow when it's done :o)
I also made homemade chocolate syrup today. Talk about easy! And is it ever good! The older 2 have been begging for hot chocolate every time they come in from "recess" after lunch. Now they can have some once and a while :o)

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  1. The chocolate syrup sounds really good! We have also moved into the season of hot chocolate after "recess"...can ya blame 'em? Sounds like things at your house are getting quite festive. Our house....not quite there. Can't quite get in the mood. I'm sure your place looks beautiful!