November 21, 2008

My hubby and kids....

are SO awesome! Tomorrow is my birthday and even though I told them they don't have to, they are going to bake me a birthday cake :o) I'm going to a craft sale with my MIL tomorrow morning and they are going to bake it while I'm gone. We usually get ice cream cakes for the adults but since we are on the all natural diet we have to bake our own. It's SO much healthier and they taste SO much better. Those of you that have been to my kids' birthday parties this year know how good they are :o)
It's hard to believe that we've been on the natural diet for almost a year now. My 5 year old son went from a child who should probably be held back a year before starting Kindergarten to a child that has straight A's and will finish the year early. I'm thoroughly amazed by his progress. He still has his normal scatterbrained little boy head, but he's SO smart and we can see it now that he's not bouncing off the walls and totally distracted. His preschool teacher was just amazed by the progress last Spring and he's doing better every day ;o)

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  1. Happy early birthday! That's sweet that the kids are going to make you a cake. I think the special things that get put together while mom is away are the best.

    Great to hear about W's progress. Its amazing what eating foods you can pronouce can do for you!