November 22, 2008

What a wonderful day!

I turned 34 today and I honestly can't imagine being in a better place in life at this age. I never could've imagined when I was younger that my life would be so full of great things! I have a WONDERFUL husband and kids who made a fabulous cake for me today while I went to a big craft sale with my MIL. It was a wonderful day and I'm SO looking forward to the year ahead. Always lots of excitement and changes that make life so much fun. Looking forward to adding more kids to our home this year and maybe adopting more. I'm also looking forward to "P" walking in the next year! She's SO close I can just feel it :o) She's such a hard worker and always has an amazing smile for everyone. My "A" is 6 and is such a wonderful big sister and daughter. She's turning into a beautiful and compassionate little girl and we are so proud of her. "W" has come so far in the last year and is showing how wonderfully smart that he is. I watch him learn and answer questions in amazement at how much he already knows. "J" is the youngest and is as wild as a two year old can be, on top of being the youngest. He's a sweet little guy that always wants a "Kissy" and shows the manners of a child way beyond his years.
I definitely have a lot to be thankful for :o)

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  1. Well... happy birthday! Sounds like you're having a great day of reflection on your life. You certainly have a lot to be proud of :)