December 2, 2008

Busy Day!

W did a math marathon today and finished up his Kindergarten math books 5 months early! He's such a smart little cookie when he can concentrate. Hopefully they'll start him on the 1st grade math books or he'll be bored. The rest of his courses take him less than an hour to complete most days. If he doesn't have math he'll be completely done with Kindergarten by the end of January at this rate. I really have to be careful though because "A" is in 1st grade and I don't want her to feel bad if her little bonehead brother catches up to her :o) She takes great pride in being the big kid, even though they are only 14 months apart :o) I keep reminding her that K is a 1/2 day class and he's doing more than that so that's why he's done early, and that 1st grade will be much slower for him than K has been. He kind of learned most of the K stuff with her last Spring when we were doing homeschooling on our own, so they both started the year with the same knowledge, so his K curriculum is pretty much review for him.

My parents made it home from AZ today for the holidays! I'm glad they made it safe. Now on with the cooking, and their Christmas shopping, lol. Christmas will be here before we know it. Plus we also have our Christmas party at the office that Mom and I are cooking for this year. The kids are so excited to have them home again and so are we :o) It wouldn't be the holidays without all of the Grandparents :o)

P got to try out her new bike today after the other kids went to bed. I have to make a couple of blocks for the pedals because she can't quite reach all the way. I wanted to get her measurements on it so I can get everything together and have it good to go on Christmas. She was loving it! AND we noticed that there is a little honker horn on the steering wheel! She has a new favorite toy, lol. I can just see her now, sitting next to her bike, honking that horn, lol. It's going to be so great for her.

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