November 30, 2008

The long weekend is over :o(

It's been so much fun to have 4 days of family time. Thanksgiving was great! Friday was relaxing, Saturday was cleaning, and today was baking :o) I made homemade pancakes, Banana Bread, Banana Amish Friendship Bread, and Eggnog.
In the pancakes, I substituted soy milk for the milk and oil for the butter so that my little guy can have them. They turned out good but not as fluffy as they usually are. I took him off of milk again because it turns him into a little monster :o) I don't know if IT makes him crabby or if it's lack of sleep because he's up all night and naptime coughing. No milk, no coughing :o) I can't explain it, I'm just glad I figured it out. He's a totally different kid when he's not so moody all the time.
The Banana Bread was also for him, without milk or butter in it. I did substitute 1/2 of the oil for applesauce like I usually do.
The Amish Bread is my usual recipe that I've posted before, and it's to die for. I added about 1/4-1/2 cup of ground flax seed to both bread recipes.
The Eggnog was something new and it did not turn out so well. I think I had the heat up too high and the eggs started to scramble, lol. I strained it, added my homemade whipped cream, more milk, and some cinnamon, and whipped it good in my KitchenAid. My kids love it now. It's always good to try and save something instead of dumping it down the drain and wasting it. Especially a 1/2 gallon worth of Kemps Select milk! lol.
My parents left Arizona today to head home for the holidays. It will be great to have them home for a bit. Mom and I will be busy baking, getting ready for our company's Christmas party, and doing their Christmas shopping, lol. Lets hope it's quick and painless since mine is already done :o)
Anyways, it was a great little break and I can't wait until Christmas break :o)

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  1. Sounds like you had a good and busy weekend. You're always full of great baking ideas. I should find my recipe for egg nog. It was totally rockin' when I made it...but its been a long time since I've had it!