December 6, 2008

Getting stuff done...

I'm starting to get overwhelmed with all of the Christmas stuff that I have to do. So, last night, instead of thinking about it I decided I better just get started on it, so I made the girls their new Christmas skirts. Today I'm going Christmas shopping with my Mom and hope to get all of hers done. I'm also going to look for Christmas outfits for the boys. It's so hard to make stuff for the boys that doesn't look too girlie. I'll buy their outfits and make them some pj's instead :o)
Tomorrow I'm hoping to either get some baking done or wrap presents. I also have to get the boys' heads shaved. I'm debating on whether or not to get family pictures this year. We really need them but it's such a pain in the butt. We'll see about that, lol. Then one day we have to go and see Santa. We'll do that during the week when it's not busy. I'm hoping the Santa pic turns out good enough that we don't have to get regular pics for our Christmas letter. Then we can just do them next month instead when it's not so busy and crazy. I hate going when it's busy because they're always behind and it takes forever.
I also have to get my teacher gifts together. J & P have 7 teachers and therapists (PT, OT, 2 SLP's, Aqua PT, P's teacher and assistant) to make them for this year. I have most of it together but need to get the final stuff figured out. I'll tell you what's in them later because I don't know if any of them read this, lol.
Well, at least I'm motivated and starting to get a plan together, lol. Maybe I will get it all done and have some time just to relax and enjoy it :o)

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