December 16, 2008

It's coooooolllldddd!

Wow! It is darn cold out these days! All I want to do is hibernate and never leave the house. This morning I took P to school and it was 12 below, plus the windchill! I should've just kept her home because I hate taking her out in this weather but this is her last week before Christmas break and I wanted to bring the teachers and therapists their Christmas presents :o) Plus she's going to miss Thursday because we have the genetic counseling apt.
Tonight I got some dipped pretzels done for the kids and also got all of my present wrapping done! Yeehaa! It's nice to be getting it all done so I can actually enjoy the holidays instead of being so busy :o) We still have to try and make it to the mall to see Santa but we'll see because I'm not dragging them all out in this cold, especially with how slippery the roads are. Maybe next Monday will be a little warmer. I refuse to go on the weekends! lol.

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