December 13, 2008

We Survived!

Today was picture day! I scheduled it for 3:00 so that we could have lunch, get J his nap, and then baths and get ready to go. It worked out great! The kids did a great job and we got some nice pictures! I'm SOOOOO glad to have it over. It's the thing I dread the most of anything this time of year.
I'll post the smiles by wire or the pics when I get them next Friday or so. Now I have to get my Christmas letter done and ready to put the pic on and print. They won't make it to their destinations before Christmas, but they never do, lol.
Tomorrow we are doing some major baking. I also have to get the teachers' gifts together because there are only 2 days of school left for P before Christmas break. I'll probably drop them off on Tuesday because J's speech therapist will be coming here that day, and I'll probably be taking her out of class early on Thursday so we can get to her genetic counseling apt. on time. Tuesday just makes more sense. Except for P's Aqua Therapist who we'll see on Friday.
I've been doing more thinking on home schooling P instead of sending her to school two days per week for her therapies and a little class time. I just hate having her away from our home and it doesn't make sense to send her to school when I home school the other kids. Next year will be Kindergarten so I'm trying to figure out what to do. If anyone has some great tips on doing PT, OT, and Speech at home I would be happy to hear them. I've been looking for websites and stuff to kind of give me a schedule. She's extremely globally delayed and is just like a 10-12 month old, so we have to keep it in her learning curve. I think I just overthink it and it's not going to be as hard as I think. Plus with having her gait trainer here instead of school she can use it every day instead of twice per week. We can also do private therapies in the evening when I can just bring her and leave the other kids home with Daddy. I'm thinking of doing full blown home schooling with the other kids next year instead of Connections. I can teach them the same info because W is pretty smart for his age and they are only 14 months apart anyways. If I do it more as a lecture class instead of quiet one-on-one with each kid, P can participate too and listen to what is read. Now I have to read everything quietly to each child because "A" and "W" have different curriculum and I don't want to disturb the other one.
Anyways, lots of decisions to make. Any advice on curriculum or websites would be appreciated.

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  1. I think you need to take a step back and realize all of the benefits your daughter is receiving by getting services to further her along in her life. You need to trust those who have had schooling in specific fields that they are working on for your daughter and realize that they have the resources to continue learning the newest and latest for helping your daughter. Think of all the assisted devices that they are able to get for your daughter or to let you know what you could get for her to help her. Do you have the resources that these therapists have? Do you have the knowledge or schooling that these therapists have had? Being a parent of a child with a developmental disability gives you experience with that disability. You have stated that this new diagnosis you have for your daughter is rare, why not give a group of people the experience to learn along with you so that they can also educate themselves and others about this disorder? By trusting others you'll be able to focus more time on teaching the other children in your household by giving them a little more undivided attention.
    Granted, I do not have a child with DD, but I have worked in the field of DD for several years and worked with people who have a diagnosis that's rare and to find people who knew what it was, heard of it, or knew a person who knew a person who has a certain diagnosis was always helpful.
    Please reconsider your options of keeping your child involved in programs that will help her. You may not see improvement in a week or even in a year, but I think that years from now you'll look back and see she did make some great improvements and made some great friends.