February 13, 2009

I'm so proud of my kids!

A and W both got their report cards and A got on the A honor roll with a 96% overall, and W got on the B honor roll with a 84% overall. They're SO competitive though! W broke down in tears because his sister got a better grade than he did :o( I felt bad but he knows now that he needs to be more thorough in his work. He's not very artsy so he doesn't like to put a lot into his drawings and things like that. Many of the assignments that are required to be turned in are artsy type things. Now, if they saw his math book he'd have an A for sure :o) They both do great in math. W is done with his K math and is almost 1/2 way through his 1st grade book. A is almost done with her 1st grade book and her 2nd grade on is on the way.
I should also mention that J is doing GREAT in special ed! I wasn't sure how it would go because he's such a little trouble maker, but he's loving it and they are loving him. I'm so glad because it's something he needs and I was worried it wouldn't work out if he acted the same way there that he does here.
And P is doing great on her feet. Her walking is still progressing little by little and she's getting more confident in pulling to stand and getting into EVERYTHING! I definitely need to get more shelving and storage space that's up high :o)

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