February 5, 2009

Happy Birthday Baby!

My sweet little P is going to be 5 tomorrow! I can hardly believe it! I usually get pretty sad, as I had blogged about before, but I really think it will be easier this year since she started WALKING YESTERDAY!!!!!! How fabulous is that! We were at homeschool playgroup at the gym and I was walking around with her and just hanging onto the middle of the back of her shirt. She stopped and I let go and walked around to the front of her. She got a little nervous and I held out my arms and told her to walk to me. She took 2 steps and then stopped. I backed up a little more and she took 3 more steps to me. I would've kept going but she just busted out crying because she was scared. She gets very nervous when she's on her feet. She loves doing it but needs to be touching someone to be secure about it. The cool thing was that she was totally steady and didn't even need to use her arms to balance. She's actually learning to bend her knees instead of being so stiff.
It was great that my hubby was also there with us and got to watch it also. Everyone was SO proud of her! Being able to walk is such a different life for her, and for us. It will be a while before she's walking a lot but those first step were a miracle in the making :o)
So anyways, tomorrow is her birthday and she'll be 5. It's just another day to her but we'll definitely be excited for her. I sure hope she knows how much she's adored around here. She brings unending joy to us all and to everyone who meets her. I only hope that we do the same for her. Maybe someday she'll be able to tell us :o)


  1. I love all your blinkies...where did you get them.

  2. Thanks :o) Click on them and most of them will take you to where they are from.

  3. That is so awesome that she started walking! I'm bummed that we were sick and unable to come...we missed the big moment!! How cool is that. Happy birthday P!