March 20, 2009


Since yesterday was such a rant, I thought I'd follow up with some pictures :o)
I just stocked my store, check it out

They love dressing up Ms. P:
My little bird lover filling her feeders :o)
The neighbor chicks decided to come over for a visit :o)
Little Mr. Houdini :o)
They had a bear hunt at school:

Awww, loving the baby:

Hey Mommy, look, I can lay down too so you can take my picture too:

Boots on a budget. Roll of blue duct tape $3.69. Boots that don't leak anymore, priceless :o)
I do have a 4th child but he doesn't like his picture taken so I don't have any new ones of him :o) Except for his boots, lol.

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