March 19, 2009

What a day!

I figured out in the last few days that, for some reason, our mail from our company was never forwarded to the po box that our office manager had opened in her home town. I don't know why she didn't do it or if she thought she did it, why she never noticed that nothing was ever there that was forwarded. You'd think of all people, she, who has gotten the mail on her desk every day for how many years now, would notice that the same mail was not being delivered to the po box for two months. I can't make sense of that in my head at all.
I also don't know why our health insurance was never cancelled. If she didn't want to do these things then just say so and I would've gladly taken care of them. She said she'd do it and it didn't get done. Now, who knows how much we are going to owe for these extra months. AND since the mail wasn't forwarded, we didn't get any bills to know these things. And who knows how many people are taking us to court that we don't even know about! The Department of Commerce finally found us through my Dad's contractor license because their mail was being returned too, as was the health insurance mail. That's what tipped me off.
I swear, like there isn't enough to do in a day that you can't just expect that ANYONE is going to do what they say they will. I've gotten to the point that I'm just going to do everything that has anything to do with my family, MYSELF!
Then the bank that has my conversion van financed called yesterday because I had missed last month's payment. I told him that we don't even make enough to pay our mortgage right now and there was no way we were going to be able to get caught up on the van. I told him we could drop it off but he said they'd come and get it today. Then the towing company called and I told them to just bring 2 people and they could drive it because it's really big and it would be hard to tow it. WELL, of course a woman wouldn't know what SHE's talking about :o) Here they come with the little tow truck. The guy's like "Wow, that's big". I told him it wouldn't work but he had to try. He hooked it up and when he lifted it with the hook, the whole front of his tow truck came off the ground, lol. He lowered it back down, unhooked it, reparked it, and brought me the keys back. He was a nice young guy (that makes me feel old to say that :o) and said he'd send the flatbed out to get it. Well, the flatbed came and that almost couldn't do it either. It barely fit on there and when he tried to lift it the bed kept on dropping down. I seriously thought he was going to drop it on the ground. Then he chains it down and off he goes, with his flashers on, down the shoulder of the road. I seriously think he got down the road and probably took it off because he was so top heavy. Wouldn't want the woman to be right though, LOLOLOLOL!
It's so funny! I can joke about men like that because my hubby is SO NOT like that :o)

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