April 23, 2009

Fabulous day!

What a fun day! We got school done quickly and then ate lunch and headed outside to play. When Daddy got home he gave them a few lessons on golfing and they hit some balls and then hunted them down :o) It's funny to watch P help shag the balls. We pull her around in the wagon so she can "help". We pick up the balls and put them in her wagon and then she slowly picks each one up, examines it, and then tosses it over the side as we go along, lol.
On Sunday I had taken 2 gallon bags of frozen garden tomatoes, from last Summer, out of the freezer and cooked them down in the crockpot. So today I boiled them down a little more to evaporate some liquid and make it more saucy, and made homemade spaghetti sauce for our pasta. It was SO good. There is SO much more flavor in the garden tomatoes than the store bought or can ones.
Then after supper A & W and I went to our homeschool buddy's ice cream sundae birthday party. It was fun! Happy Birthday "I". The kids loved having whatever they wanted on their sundae. Birthday parties are the only time I really let them cheat and eat whatever they want. I think I'm also going to do it for their own birthday parties this year. Although I do get rave reviews on my cakes that I make from scratch :o)

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