April 22, 2009

Since it's Earth Day :o)

I thought I'd remind everyone of a great bulk Organic company called Azure Standard.
You basically have to order by a certain day and then a semi comes around on your drop-off day to your drop-off point. Everyone in your area that is picking up has to help unload the stuff and there you are. Great ORGANIC foods in bulk at a nice reasonable price.

I also would like to remind everyone of the Feingold Association. This is where we get the info to allow us to feed our kids an all natural diet. No artificial colors, flavors, preservatives, etc. You get a book with all of the food in your area that have been researched and approved for the program. It's not hard after the first couple of times shopping with the book. And if you think it's expensive, it's not. I buy all of our food at Walmart.

Another thing I'd like to mention is the link to Jillian's book (to the right of the screen). I saw her talking about it on tv the other day and it has GREAT reviews. I haven't read it, but am going to order it shortly. It talks about healthy, natural eating and how it helps people avoid all of these health issues that keep cropping up everywhere.

Have a great day! We are going to eat lunch and then we are off to the park with our homeschooling friends :o) It's a beautiful day!

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