April 3, 2009

Money and Inflation 1970's

I found this really cool website that tells you about things from the past. Here's part of what it had to say about the 1970's:
Money and Inflation 1970's
To provide an estimate of inflation we have given a guide to the value of $100 US Dollars for the first year in the decade to the equivalent in todays money
If you have $100 Converted from 1970 to 2005 it would be equivalent to $517.65 today

In 1970 a new house cost $23,400.00 and by 1979 was $58,500.00 Examples of homes and Property for sale in the 1970's
In 1970 the average income per year was $9,350.00 and by 1979 was $17,550.00
In 1970 a gallon of gas was 36 cents and by 1979 was 86 cents
In 1970 the average cost of new car was $3,900.00 and by 1979 was $5,770.00 Examples of Models andCar Prices in the 70's
A few more prices from the 70's and how much things cost
Datsun 210 $3,869
Dodge Colt $4,785
Warm Leather Lined Boots $39.99 From Prices for clothes and fashions in the 70's
Car 8 Track Stereo Tape Player $38.99
CB Radio $147
Medium Eggs 25 cents per dozen From Food Prices In The 70s
Miracle Whip $1.09
King Size Bean Bag Chair $19.99
Porcelain Kitchen Sink $9.88
Quartz Alarm Clock $12.97
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Example of a home:
Country Ranch with 10 acres 3 bedroom large barn fruit and oak trees Vallejo California $59,200 1974

Very fun to read! I remember when I sold real estate back in the 90's :o) There was this big old house I had sold, and when I looked at the deed on it, it said that they had paid $3,200.00 for it back in the 50's or whenever it was built. Wouldn't that be nice, a 2 story, 5 bedroom house, with hardwood floors for $3200! You pay more than that for almost anything used to build a house these days.
Ooh if life could be that simple - but then I wouldn't be writing a blog post would I, lol.

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