April 6, 2009

More pictures...

My "garden" tub, lol. I had to find somewhere to start my seeds and this is where the best SE sun exposure is. There's another big square window to the left so it gets sun almost all day.
My sweet J in his throne :o) And, of course, one of Daddy's hoodies :o) He LOVES being warm :o)
All the money spent on toys and they'd rather play with P's diapers, lol.

Homemade pizza night. The one on the bottom is the one A made in the shape of a heart. W made his and says it looks like a cop badge :O)

Where did J go? Ooh there he is :o) He loves his blanket Grandma made him :o)

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  1. Haha, love the diaper blocks. :-) The pizzas are cool, what a fun thing for them to make their own! J is a cutie, I LOVE to be warm also, good thing I live in Texas, but it's not so warm right now and I am taking two hot baths a day to stay warm!

    Did you get my e-mail? I sent it on your AS mail account?