April 19, 2009

Some pictures

Today we had pancakes for breakfast. I made strawberry sauce because the kids love it. P can't have strawberries so I made banana sauce for her. Then everyone else decided to have strawberry-banana sauce :o) It was SOOOOOOO good!!!!! Just heat a glass full of frozen strawberries in the micro for a minute or two and then blend right in the glass with a hand wand mixer. Then add a little sugar. The banana sauce is just two ripe bananas with a little bit of milk. Wand that also. Playing outside with Daddy in the sandbox.
Here is how the seeds are coming along. The tomatoes that I planted in my homemade newspaper cups are still pretty small so I didn't take pics of them. The tall ones are the green beans.
Ms. P. She was sick with a terrible cold all last week. She spent quite a bit of time in her bean bag, just chillin' :o)
Helping "sort" the laundry :o)
You can see in the background that she got into the drawer and decided to make a puppet out of my oven mitt, lol.
Look who learned to drive cars :o)

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