May 20, 2009

Quite a windy day

We didn't even leave the house today because of the wind. It was super windy all day, with gusts up to 55 mph! I finally had to turn my AC on because if I had left the windows open we'd be sleeping in dirt :o) The wind blew up the dust so much that it was like a real dust storm. It's finally tamed down now. Hopefully we'll get a good rain during the night to clean up the mess. Tomorrow we'll have to hunt down everything outside that blew away :o)
We're looking forward to this weekend. We are going to stay home and get the garden planted. My "garden tub" is growing over with green beans :o) I definitely know not to start them again. They're about 15" tall and have beans growing on them already, lol. My tomatoes on the other hand, they need to be started earlier. I also need to invest in some grow lamps next year to get them going better.
We went on Sunday and got a dump trailer load of composted Buffalo and Beef poop. I have to get the rest of the newspaper and cardboard layed out and then make my rows of compost on top of that. We'll see how the lasagna gardening goes. It can't be any worse than the weed pit I had last year. I'm just dying to get some fresh tomatoes and green beans :o) Last year I washed, cut the tops off, and flash froze all of my extra tomatoes. Then I've been cooking them up the last few months for some great spaghetti sauce. Nothing like fresh grown!

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  1. Sounds like gardening is getting going at your house! We can't wait for the fresh stuff here either...come on! Grow!!

    Glad to hear you didn't blow away in the wind yesterday. Wasn't that wicked?? The kids wanted to know if a tornado was coming :)