May 22, 2009

A long weekend!

I'm SO looking forward to getting a lot done this weekend. I worked on the garden more this evening and hope that we can get it all covered, compost spread, and planted, by the end of the long weekend. A has a friend's birthday party tomorrow and is SO excited about that. It will be fun for her. I have to get busy getting her birthday party scheduled. It's such a hard time of year to schedule a birthday! Lots of people are out of town, or have dance recitals, graduations, etc.
My dishwasher went out on me last night! I LOVE my dishwasher and am dreading having to wash them 3 times per day until it's fixed! The guy can't come to fix it until Wednesday either! I not only like it for the convenience, but it uses way less water than hand washing. Luckily I bought the extended warranty because I have a feeling it's going to be an expensive fix since it's an electrical problem.
I was excited to find out that since we banked so many of A & W's vacation days during the year that we can end the school year a week early! They are also excited. W is already pretty much done with his school work anyways. He finished both K and 1st grade math this year. He also finished all of his other K subjects. Now he's reading A's language arts books from the beginning of the year. That boy is such a little smarty pants. He's only 5.5 years old and he's ready for 2nd grade math. A is also doing great! She's maintained the A honor roll all year. She finished 1st grade math and is almost done with 2nd grade. They have both come a long way this year. Hard to believe that A was in Title 1 for reading and math last year and now she's way ahead of her peers. And W was in so much trouble last year in preschool that he had a horrible time.
I just got my Math Mammoth cd in the mail the other day. I checked it out last night and am quite impressed with it. I'm planning to spend lots of time on math and reading next year. Hoping to find lots of book on subjects that the kids are interested in so that they can improve their reading while also learning about something important.
Well, I better get to bed. I have lots to get done in the next few days and I need to start with getting caught up on the sleep I've missed lately because of P being sick.

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  1. Sounds like you have a lot planned for this long weekend. Hope you're able to accomplish everything you want!

    I've found that books on subjects the kids like are sooooo important. Who wants to read the-car-is-in-the-barn-with-the-cow when you can read cool books about stock car racing (written at the appropriate level, obviously) or owls or cooking or whatever the case may be. Iggy found a book yesterday in our stuff about monsters and greek mythology and that kid was trying his darndest to read what the words said - because he wanted to know!! He starts yelling across the yard, "Hey mom, what do you know about Medusa and Thor and things like that?"

    Back to the library we go!!