May 24, 2009

So far so good :o)

We're managing to get a lot done this weekend, and also have fun :o)
We've played hard:

Ate well (plain, chocolate chip, and blueberry pancakes with strawberry syrup :o) We also made doughnuts with frosting and melted chocolate:

Worked on our "lasagna" garden and got the cardboard and newspapers down over all the grass:

Got our composted beef and buffalo manure into rows, and our alfalfa hay down in the isles:

Tomorrow we'll be ready to plant :o) I also emptied my compost bins into the garden and am working on filling them up again:
Daddy and the kids spent the night in the camper last night :o)

And we did a little laundry :o)
Tomorrow we're going to finish laundry, plant the garden, plant some trees, and play some more :o)

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  1. You make me tired just reading your post!! WOW! Looks like you had an awesome weekend...those pics of the sleeping babes are great :) Good luck on the garden...I can't wait to see how lasagna gardening goes!!