June 11, 2009

Some people!

I looked out my front window this morning while I was watching toons with the kids, and sitting in my driveway is a black suv with 3 people in it, looking at our house. At first I thought maybe someone had been looking at my neighbors house or thought ours was for sale, since we share a driveway. Or maybe the appraiser doing the drive-by appraisal of our house, but why would there be 3 people in the vehicle? I got in the shower and when I came out my hubby told me that my Dad had called and when he was pulling out of our driveway he saw who it was. It was our old Production Manager! He lives 1.5 hours away from us, on the other side of the cities. Why would he be stalking us at 7:30 in the morning. ANYWAYS, I called the police and a deputy came out so I could file a report. I'm probably going down on Monday to get a restraining order on him.
WHAT IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE! Not only do I have 4 small children, but 2 are adopted, plus we do foster care. He knows this! What better way to freak out my kids than to think someone's birth parents are watching us, or better yet, going to steal their kids back.
This is the same person who we used to take on company trips to Mexico and brought his daughter to help with our kids. Same person who we gave all the time off he wanted for vacation, drove a company vehicle, had a company cell phone, etc. Same person who borrowed my parents' nice 5th wheel camper for an entire Summer because they sold their house and hadn't found another one. My parents skipped a whole Summer of camping so they could take their sweet time finding the perfect house.
Then he steals our company list and gives it to his brother's company and then lies about it, took 1.5 months to return the company vehicle, has his brother call and try to blackmail us, and claims that we need to continue paying his medical benefits because it was in his non-existant severance package. Not to mention other things that I can't put on here.
It really makes you wonder if anyone is really who they say they are, or pretend to be. How can someone go from being a great friend to a horrible person so quickly. Doing things that not only hurt us but hurt our kids even more. What is wrong with him! That company list could've been sold for a lot of money that would've helped us stay on our feet until Dave got new job. It also would've paid off our suppliers, but instead they got liens put on their houses! Instead, I lost my handicap van, my kids can't play any Summer sports, and I keep having to say no, no, no, to so much because we can't afford it.
"A" told me yesterday that she can't wait for Daddy to get 2 jobs because then we will have money to do things. Poor sweetie, she doesn't realize that Daddy having 2 jobs means that she won't even see him, much less do anything with him.
Sorry for ranting, but it's so damn frustrating when people screw up or do bad things, and then want to find someone else to blame, at any cost. If he'd spend that time and energy on fixing his own situation he'd probably be doing better. Instead he's looking for more bad things to do to us, when all we have done is give him a great job with fabulous pay for however many years.

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