July 8, 2009

Fun with great friends

Today we had a wonderful time at homeschool playgroup! What fun to hang out with great friends and great kids. My kids always have a blast and hate to leave.
My best friend and her kids came down from up north to go to the Jonas Brother's concert tonight, so hopefully we'll be seeing them later, if they make it this far out here :o) Her husband's Mom lives closer than we do but it's just great to visit so they are going to stay here. However, it will be a late night and I don't know if they'll be wanting the long drive here. We'll see...
We are also waiting to hear on a sibling group of foster kids that might be joining us. My kids are SO bored now that the other 4 have left, lol. It's SO quiet around here. They had so much fun with the respite kids last week and just keep asking when more kids are coming. We'll see about that too, lol.
On a great note. The stuff in the side yard that I thought was poison ivy has turned out to be Box Elder trees, yaaaaaaayyyyyy! The little trees have the 3 leaves like poison ivy, but as they get bigger there are more and more leaves. We have them popping up all over the yard. It's great because our house was built on a farm field and all of the trees have had to be planted. Luckily the lady that used to live here planted a lot of trees and they are now 15 years old. We have also planted a lot and they are growing strong. Our pine trees have started dying off like crazy though. Some say it's because of the long cold winters and dry summers. It's a bummer, I'm not a huge pine tree fan, but I hope they will finally stop dying. During the winter it's all we have for any privacy when all of the leaves fall off of the other trees.

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  1. Box Elder trees will grow fast. We used to have them at our old house...those puppies will turn into a decent sized tree in 3-5 years. Someone once told me they are part of the maple family...which means, technically you could tap them and make syrup :) Pancakes, anyone?