July 21, 2009


It's been a while since I've been around :o) I've been VERY busy! We have 4 foster kids now, plus we've been doing some respite for a couple more on the weekends. Getting new foster kids is a busy endeavor because you not only have an instantly larger family, but they all have to have Dr. check-ups, along with dental, vision, etc. Plus I have to bring kids to counseling apts., visitations, court dates, etc. Run, run, run. I also had to bring each of these kids shopping because the sibling group had only the clothes on their backs (2 of them didn't even have shoes on), and the other child's clothes were horrid.
Our new additions are 11 G, 6 B, 5 G, and almost 2 G. The 5 year old is on her own and the other 3 are siblings.
It's fun and exciting to have new kids in the house. My kids are getting along great with the new kids. It's very heartbreaking to hear the stories of their lives, but we just have to remember that we are the good in their lives right now and we are helping them to see what "normal" lives look like. They are all loving it here, as most of the kids do, because we have so much for them to do.
I'm now in the market for a larger van. I would like to get a 15 passenger because with the new booster seat law here I have to have almost all the kids in seats. And we all know how impossible it is for kids in booster seats to sit side by side and be able to actually buckle them. We'll see though because we can't get a loan to save our lives right now and cash is pretty short. We really do need something though because we have to drive 2 vehicles to go anywhere with them all and that's just crazy. Tomorrow, P has a PT apt. so I'm going to take the other 7 in the suburban to the park, while my Hubby takes her to her apt. I can fit 7, very tightly, in there, but not 8 :o( It's not something I want to do every day though because my hands would break trying to buckle all of those seat belts so close together.

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