July 27, 2009

I got a van.....

Pictures to come later :o) A friend of mine from Adoption Support Group had a 15 passenger that she no longer needed so she gave me a good deal on it. I'm SO thrilled. We're bringing it to the shop tomorrow some time to rotate and align the tires, put the receiver hitch and the electronic brake for the camper on, change the oil, and whatever else we need to get it in tip top shape. It will be so nice to have the kids all in one vehicle, and also with an empty seat in-between each of them to boot :o)
Our 4 foster kids are still with us and we might be getting another one depending on what happens in court tomorrow. Our sibling group of 3 has an older brother that might be joining us.
We have 4 birthdays coming up here in the next month so I need to get busy on that too. 2 of them are later this week :o)
I'm off to bed :o)


  1. Glad to hear you got a van!

    Where in the world do you find time to blog?


  2. Hehe, lol! Usually at 10 pm or later, while watching the news. When I should be sleeping :O)