October 10, 2009


I can't believe it's almost been a month since I've been on here! It's been busy. My garden went totally wild. I had tomatoes that were HUGE, and a lot of them. I think one day I picked 8 bags of them, plus a whole wagon of carrots, and a bunch of squash. I was bummed that I left a ton of them in there that were still green, but I could hardly manage the ones I did have. I definitely need to have fewer tomato plants next year :o) I must thank my WONDERFUL Mother for helping me process them into a bunch of spaghetti sauce. I also made some fresh salsa :o)
We've also been busy with school. We go to the park with friends, went to learn about bugs at the Eastman Nature Center, and to our local History Center. The kids are getting right into school and are loving it. They're always excited to see what President we are learning about each week, and what the Science experiments are going to be. They both hate math, but do well at it, and they LOVE to read. There is nothing quite like the satisfaction of teaching your child to read. Every book is a proud moment because you can see those little minds ticking along :o)
P is enjoying school. I love her aid, and everyone else that works with her for that matter. She's always coming home happy and in good shape. They hired another K teacher, so they were able to split the classes into 18 kids each, instead of 24. That was nice to see :o) This last week I went with her on a fire station field trip, and Daddy went with to an apple orchard. We all had a blast! She loved riding on the bus with Daddy and started chewing on the seat in front of her, lol!
She spent a couple days in the hospital a couple of weekends ago. She had some kind of internal bleeding and we're still not totally sure what it was from. Possibly some kind of GI irritation or something like that. We took her to the ER with blood in her stool and they sent us via ambulance to Gillette Children's Trauma Center in St. Paul. I LOVE that place! We've had bad experiences with Children's Hospital in Minneapolis, so I definitely wanted Gillette. That's where a lot of her specialists are through anyways. She goes in again next week for a GI Clinic with the GI Specialists. Hopefully we'll have some answers soon, but for now she's on Prevacid (antacid) and that seems to be helping.
Hubby is still on the beating path for a job. It's unbelievable that he hasn't been hired yet. He's applied for hundreds of jobs. I've started applying and whoever gets the full time job will work, and the other one will stay home with the kids. I think he's over qualified for many of the jobs he applies for, and the ones that he is qualified for require a degree. We'll see...
I just started selling Avon! I'm very excited. I've placed a link on the sidebar to my store if you'd like to check it out, or pass it on to anyone who might be interested. I'd greatly appreciate your business :o) They've come a long way since I sold it 15 years ago. Now you can order online and have it shipped right to you! Or, if you are local, you can have it shipped to me and I can give it to you. Whatever works for you :o) They even have women and girls clothes now, and the prices are amazing! And you can't beat the makeup. I have to control myself or I'll spend more than I make, lol! I definitely have to set some goals and limits for myself, lol! If I sell x amount, I can buy x amount, lol!
Anyways, that's my update. Thanks for checking in and I'll try not to disappear for so long this time :o) Enjoy the rest of your weekend :o)

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