March 3, 2010

As my blog title says...

I've been one very busy Momma :o) Sorry I haven't been on here much lately, heck I didn't even get Christmas letters out this year. We got 4 high maintenance foster kids on Dec. 10th and it's been busy, busy since then. They were here until the end of January, but apparently the word got out that we are very flexible with our schedule, so we've had respite, crisis nursery, and some free babysitting(because social services wouldn't pay for it and the child needed it, but that's another story) going on quite regularly. Every weekend is booked up with anywhere from 2-6 extra kids, and the weekdays vary depending on the needs. Right now we have a 10 month old for the day.
We've also been doing a lot of extra curricular activities. The kids love going to homeschool gym time with their homies, and the older 2 are taking basketball at the local public school also. P is back to aqua therapy each week and is loving it. She walks around that pool like she owns it now :o)
So, the mornings are filled up with homeschool, and the afternoons are spent running around here or there, or doing my phone calls/paperwork while the kids are outside playing. The weather has been wonderful lately :o)
I've also had quite a few Dr. apts too because we've decided to maybe have another baby, or a few :o) We were going to adopt more kids but are finding that the greater majority have more issues than we are prepared to deal with on a lifetime basis. We already have 3 with developmental issues and don't feel we should take on more. Granted, if we were to have another special needs child we'd be fine with that and take it in stride, but we don't want to do it voluntarily. So we'll see how it goes. It's going to take some major planning because our foster/respite care will have to come to a quick end if/when I get pregnant because my pregnancies are like something out of a horror movie :o) We're quite excited, and our kids are flipping out with excitement because they LOVE having a house full of kids, which is good because that's what we want :o) And having a house full of kids that don't all have FASD/RAD/drug withdrawal/etc. will be even more fun :o)
So that's a little of our update :o) I'll try to be better about getting on here and also answering some of your questions. I know quite a few have been asked and I haven't had the time to get to them. If you'd like to add to my list just email me or post a comment :o)
Have a wonderful day ♥

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