March 4, 2010


Today was an interesting day. We had a family come and meet us so that we can do respite care for the kids. It's strange to invite a stranger into your house, but I understand her wanting to meet us first. It gives me a really good reason to get my house cleaned up good :o) Now we have 15 kids that we do respite for, so our weekends are quite exciting to say the least.
My 15 passenger van has been in the shop for the last week and we finally got it back yesterday. I really missed it because it's tough to get them all into a minivan all the time. Especially now with the new booster seat law we have. It's nice to have enough room that everyone has enough space to be able to get buckled up without running into each other. It's not fun trying to get P up into the van, but I'm going to get her a step stool so it will be easier.

Tomorrow our foster kids from last Summer are coming to spend the weekend with us. We are very excited to see them again. They were such sweet kids :o) Hopefully we'll get to start having them more often.

On a homeschooling note. My kids are trying to figure out what kind of schooling schedule they would like better. Right now we do school from 9-11am each day. My son told me today that it would be really nice if we could do school for 2 days per week and have 5 days off, lol. I told him that we do 10 hours per week and if they want to change it to 2, 5 hour days that they could do that. However he needs to talk to his sister about it and get her ok also. We'll see how that works out :o)

I do think we are going to start doing year round school this year though. That way if I have another baby we can take time off then if we need it. They don't do much in the mornings during the Summer anyways, so we might as well learn something. That way we won't have to review everything they have forgotten by Sep.

The weather has been SO beautiful the last couple weeks that most of our snow is gone. March makes me nervous though because it's the month when we usually get the MOST snow each year. Hopefully this year will be different, lol!

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