March 7, 2010

A fun weekend

We are having such a fun weekend. Our 3 foster kids from last Summer are here for the weekend for respite. They are such wonderful kids and it's so fun to have them here. Our kids were just jumping up and down and screaming when they arrived, lol!
I really hope that we get to see more of them. We were planning on taking them camping with us one weekend this Summer, but seeing them now is even more fun. As I write this, Hubby is off to the pool with 5 of the kids. P stays here because she does aquatherapy on Fridays and it gets too crazy there on the weekends because of all the other kids there. I also have the 2 year old visitor here :o) They are having lunch right now because the 2 year old was starting to doze off and I want her to eat before her nap so she'll sleep well :o)
The weather is still just fabulous, although I could do without the mudd! Never fails, kids are like magnets to water and mudd, lol! Plus dogs with muddy feet do wonders to clothing! It's supposed to be even nicer this week, up in the middle to upper 40's! But it's supposed to rain 3-4 of the days, sooooo - more mudd :o)
I really feel for those that are going to get flooding this year again. This extra rain and mild weather aren't helping any :o(
Well, back to the laundry :o)

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