September 28, 2008


First of all I just want to thank all of my friends and my parents for their support. I really appreciate it so much.
Things are hopefully starting to calm down a little bit here now that we have made our decision not to adopt her. It was quite stressful when we were trying to decide what to do because we really don't know what the future holds with her and these behaviors are a lot to deal with. Had we known the truth ahead of time we wouldn't have even attempted this adoption. I have been gone a lot of the last couple of days at a wonderful Adoptive Mom's Retreat and my hubby is just worn out trying to keep Ashley and P away from each other. They're like magnets and then she'll attack P and then P will cry and cry. Then she quickly forgets and then they are right back together and P's getting her hair pulled out again. He finally just had to baby gate them into separate areas so they couldn't get together. We could just put Ashley in her wheelchair but that's not how we do things. She needs to play, but P needs to be safe too.
Anyways, according to Ashley's foster Mom, they aren't coming to get her until the end of October! Can you even believe it - I sure can. Funny how they just expect us to do this on our own without any medical card for her or any foster care payments. We even have to buy diapers and meds for her out of our pocket because we don't have a medical card. Ooh and now I just noticed last night that her 2 front teeth are coming in behind her baby teeth! Her baby teeth are worn down to nothing but they haven't fallen out and now are discoloring and the big teeth are coming in too far back because they baby teeth are in the way. So how do we deal with that without insurance? I'm sure Texas social services could care less.
Anyways, trying to stay positive - hard to tell isn't it, lol.
I've really been enjoying the Retreat this weekend because it helps renew my brain and my thinking about my adopted kids. It help to learn new ways of dealing with behaviors and to get a reminder that they don't always have control or intend to behave the way they do. It teaches me patience and renews my understanding.

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