January 11, 2009

Busy, busy, busy :o)

The new year has started off with a bang! I'm busy making a website and sewing shirts to stock it with. I'm also busy selling stuff on ebay to purchase my supplies with :o) When I get the website up and going I will definitely post the link here for you all to see :o) Right now my site doesn't have any shirts on it so there isn't much to look at but BOY is it CUTE :o)
Check out my ebay listings if you need any cute fabrics or Bob's Red Mill Gluten Free bread or chocolate cake mix, lol. I haven't gotten any kids' clothes on there yet because that's a big thing to take on and I haven't had the time yet. I have buckets and buckets of clothes and need to sort through and match up sets and take pictures, etc. It's exhausting just thinking about it, lol.

Tomorrow morning at 8 am I have P's IEP meeting for her next year of schooling. She'll be 5 in Feb. and they need to figure out what Kindergarten will look like for her. We have pretty much decided to homeschool her starting next year, or sooner if she starts walking more, because we're worried about safety.
It's been a difficult decision because she enjoys school, and they all just adore her. We just don't feel like it's the safest place for her to be. They can't tell me that she'll have a 1 on 1 aid and I don't want her there if she doesn't have someone's eyes on her at all times. Both the special needs classroom and typical classroom have their things that make us uneasy about them. In the special needs class I worry about her safety from other kids. She doesn't have any reflexes to protect herself. Someone could walk right up and poke her in the eye or hit her and she would do very little to protect herself. She can be easily tipped over when sitting and knocked down when standing. Other special needs kids can't always be responsible for being super careful with her. They all love her but they don't always realize what they're doing any more than she does. In a typical class I would worry about her getting into and eating things. I have been in those classrooms and they are full of buckets and cubbies of little, chokable things. It's definitely not baby proof and she's just like a 10-12 month old baby in every way. And what about things that kids bring to school, like magnets. She could eat something and we wouldn't even know it until she got sick or died. So, in a typical room she'd have to be in her wheelchair at all times to keep her out of stuff but still could get ahold of SO many things that she can't have because she's so grabby. That would mean that she couldn't be around any of the kids and their activities. And again, they also don't realize that giving her a pencil could take out her eye or that sharing a snack could cause her to choke. My own kids sometimes have a hard time remembering the things that she can't have. I can't expect that a class of 25 or more kids would always be responsible around her.
The other thing is that she's getting closer to walking. Once she can walk, she'll be falling a lot until she can learn better balance. She's very motivated to walk so once she can I know that she'll be on her feet constantly. Having her in a room with lots of furniture, sharp ends, and tile floors is so scary. She's quite top heavy because of her big head and I can't imagine the thought of her hitting her head and face on things. Now she hops around the class and that's also something that's hard to think about. She's a beautiful little Princess and I just don't like her hopping around on the dirty floor. We get snow here and the floor can be wet and lets not mention all the nasty things on people's shoes :o( I'm a germ freak and it's just gross that her sweet little hands are all over the floor and then in her mouth, yuk!
Anyways, those are some of our reasons. I know when I wrote about this before I got a comment about her getting good therapies and having fun at school. I must say that her therapies have slowed down some. Her speech is shared with another child (1/2 hour twice per week) using the GoTalk 9 and other things that we bought, so she'll have that here. Her OT was phased out and she only gets the monthly consult. Her PT (1/2 hr twice per week) is walking with her gait trainer and shopping cart and stuff but we will have the gait trainer here and we have a shopping cart and lots of other things. Plus, her day is PT, lol. All she does all day is hop around, pull to stand, climb on things, and try to keep up with her siblings. Her LIFE is PT, lol.
She also does aqua therapy each week for an hour and I will be taking her to Gillette for PT, OT, and Speech home programs that will be updated once per month or more. She just got approved for supplemental insurance so I'm going to look into getting a PCA to come into the house a few mornings per week to help with her baths and to work with her also.
Anyways, I better get to bed. I have a busy day tomorrow. IEP in the morning, another long meeting in the afternoon, and then foster care support group, if I can make it in time :o)


  1. Love the new look of the blog...and holy moly, you've got a lot of fabric for sale. Don't be surprised if I scarf some of it up for myself!!! We just got back into sewing here (wicked awesome) and all my fabric is packed away from the move. So...why not grab some from a friend? :)

  2. I know it's a huge decision to make for P, but once you make it, you'll know if it's right or not. I agree, life is PT for kids who are motivated to walk. Josh goes and goes all day, he sqats up and down all day, is in his standing frame, gait trainer, he never stops! Give P some super big hugs from Josh!