January 6, 2009

I'm still here :o)

Holy smokes! I've been a busy Momma :o) We started back to school on Monday and the kids are doing great! I really think they missed the structure of it all during Christmas break. I did some sewing on New Year's Eve and came up with a hobby. So, I've been busy selling things on ebay to make some cash to get started, and figuring out what kind of a website I would like to set up to proceed with trying to sell some onesie shirts that I make. I used the money I made on ebay to get my shirts and the other things that I need to modify the shirts. I'll probably be looking for a few special needs kids to try out my shirts as soon as I get my patterns all drawn out and get some made. I've got my small models here but need some bigger ones :o) I have a few different designs and styles in mind and would appreciate any input from fellow special needs parents as to what they are looking for in a onesie shirt for their kids.
Anyways -- off bed for me as I'm exhausted :o)

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  1. We haven't looked at onesie shirts for awhile. (Our Ethan has had a good stretch not undoing his diaper/stripping naked.)

    But for a couple of years we would have given anything to have onesies in his size. By the time he was a size 3, it was getting pretty difficult to find them. I did get a few at Carter's that were turtlenecks. I would have preferred a simple round neck style though.

    What sizes do you make? Never know when we might need to get them again. Ethan is currently a size 6-7.