January 2, 2009

Working on those resolutions :o)

I know this picture probably looks like a big mess but it's actually pretty organized. My sweet hubby made this downstairs bedroom into our storage room today. We used to have one of the smaller rooms in our addition for storage but it was just a huge stacked up mess. So today he built shelving in this bedroom that is 4 feet deep and the whole 12 foot wall long. So each of the storage buckets you see have another one behind them! We have a lot of "stuff"! I have buckets and buckets of kids' clothes that are going to be going on ebay starting next week. We have lots and lots of buckets of Christmas decorations, and most of the middle is for my garage sale and ebay. The top shelf is almost all baby stuff because we are determined that there will at least be foster babies around here some day :o) To the left on the floor are extra dining room chairs and 2 captains chairs out of my van that had to be removed to put P's lift in.
It will be interesting to see how it looks in about a month after I've gotten rid of some of it but for now it's SO nice to have one storage area and the rest of the rooms are ready for kids :o)

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