January 17, 2009


I have tears in my eyes as I remove my Hubby's business logo from my blog. As of Friday his business has closed. The economy sucks, the weather sucks, and they can no longer make ends meet. It's sad because he and my Dad have worked SO hard to keep it alive this long and ended up losing it anyways.
On to a new chapter in our lives and hopefully not too many changes. We'll get through it. We have each other, our kids, our health, and our family. Our biggest concern right now is for him to find another job, to keep our house, and for me to get my special needs clothing business moving.
Onward and upward, I can't feel sorry for myself because there are SO many people out there dealing with way more. Change is hard but life goes on.
Hubby went and bought a used Suburban today that will fit all the kids, and then the wheelchair in the back. It has 4x4 and will also pull our camper. Hubby needs a vehicle since his was owned by the company and went goodbye the other day. This way if we have to let my van go, we will still have something that we can use for everything we need.
I don't get to blog much now because I'm selling on ebay, sewing lots of clothes, and designing my website for my special needs clothing business. I'm hoping that it will be a success. I love the stuff I make for P and hope others will also love it. I'll be listing some on ebay tomorrow until I get my SSL certificate for my website. We'll see how it goes... I'll keep you posted.
Wish us luck :o)


  1. I'm sorry to hear about the business. I found your blog on the Angelman's List. I truly didn't think we would be affected by the economy. Boy have I been wrong!

  2. JEN that is to bad let us know if we can do anything. Dana said he would have to call Dave and talk with him. I just feel so bad....

  3. Oh Jen, I am so sad for you guys. I know you will be okay, that God will provide for your needs, but to lose the buisness after so much blood, sweat, and tears, has to be very discouraging and heartbreaking. I mourn the loss with you!!!!!! I can't wait to see what you put in your special needs clothing store, it IS a huge NEED in our community, may your efforts be HUGELY BLESSED!!!!!! I love you! HUGS!!!!

  4. Jen, I'm really sorry to hear about your husband's business. Please let me know if I can help with anything. I know you guys are tough and smart...but don't be afraid to lean on your buddies - that's what we're here for.

  5. I am so sorry about your business. We had to sell a business 5 years ago for a huge loss. We are still paying it off and will be for another 7 years. It is hard and there are alot of "if only's" but life goes on. I wish you the best in your hubby getting a job and your new business. God will provide.

  6. So sorry you guys are going through some rough times right now. We'll be sending good thoughts your way-- hope things are going better soon. :)

  7. So sorry to hear your news about the business.

    Please make sure you let EVERYONE know the link to your ebay store so we can pass it on to the rest of our contacts in the disability community.

    Best wishes Jen.